Mum sparks outrage for selling son’s bed after he refuses to tidy room

Mum sparks outrage for selling son’s bed after he refuses to tidy room

A woman has divided opinions online after she posted an advert on Facebook marketplace for her son’s bedroom furniture after he refused to put his clothes away

For many parents, getting their children to clean their messy bedrooms can be quite a struggle.

But one mum who’d had enough of her son ignoring her pleas to tidy his room has sparked outrage for the extreme lengths she went to teach him a lesson.

In what looks to be a Facebook marketplace ad for the boy’s Ikea Malm bed, the woman, said she was selling the bed as an act of “tough love”.

Alongside several photographs of the bed, she said: “Our son refuses to put clothes away so we sold his dresser.

“He won’t make his bed? Getting rid of the bed.”

Aware that her post was controversial, she added: “Please don’t message me about how cruel I am—this is called tough love.”

A screenshot of the ad was later shared to Reddit, where, at the time of writing, it has received almost 13,000 upvotes from divided viewers, with many disapproving of the mum’s actions.

One person said: “Funny thing about all these instances of ‘tough love’ is that they very seldom remember to add the ‘love’ part.”

Another added: “This is NOT love & logic!! This is power and punishment.”

A third said they thought “tough love” was a “cop-out”, as they put: “Very often the choices parents make in the name of ‘tough love’ are suspiciously indistinguishable from the choices that require the least amount of actual work and parenting,” they said.

Adding: “If you just throw out all of a child’s possessions, you don’t have to waste your precious time and energy actually talking to them and trying to understand what’s wrong.”

Someone else suggested that the woman’s son may have some deeper underlying issues, as they said: “You know I’d be willing to guess her kid is probably depressed, which isn’t going to help the situation.”